Migrating to win2003 x64 with 32bit COM+ Application..TY Yigeulruseu

Cheese and Rice, I  knew this was out there but didn't think I really had reach out overseas. Spent quite a few hours trying nail down an easy replicatable process to install legacy vb6 COM+ app on to new win2003 x64. First had to battle the 64 vs 32 bit hell. SYTEMWOW64 made me crossed-eyed. Got past that and got hung up trying automate the install of an pre-existing Com+ App, on a win2003x32, in the form of a app.msi + app.msi.cab. Darn thing just didn't want to install. I could re-create manually but the number of steps involved and the icky feeling I was getting forced me to press on looking for a better solution. I found snippets here and there, but nothing quite as complete as what I found here: http://nadobest.egloos.com/9589057, THANK YOU KOREA and GOOGLE TRANSLATE! I would like to give honorable mention to : http://www.carlosag.net/articles/configure-com-plus. This looked solid, but, I'm sure due to the twilight hour, I could not get it to work as I wanted. Anyway, I hack this together and GIVE FULL CREDIT to my new hero overseas, Yigeulruseu.

'--// THANK YOU KOREA: http://nadobest.egloos.com/9589057
'--// Modded to fit my needs

'************************************************* *****************************
'Registers / unregisters a COM / .NET DLL as a COM + app
'************************************************* *****************************
Option Explicit

Dim ApplicationName, ApplicationDescription, Identity, Password

ApplicationName = "MyHappyApp"
ApplicationDescription = "My vb6 dlls"
Identity = InputBox("Enter UserName: ", "[Domain\UserName]")
password = InputBox("Enter Password: ", "Password")

UnInstallApplication ApplicationName

InstallApplication ApplicationName, ApplicationDescription, 2, Identity, password, 3

InstallComponent ApplicationName, "D:\Components\HappyDAL.dll", "Data Acess Layer", 2, 4, -1, 4, 0, 0
InstallComponent ApplicationName, "D:\Components\HappyBUS.dll", "Business Objects/Logic", 2, 4, -1, 4, 0, 0
InstallComponent ApplicationName, "D:\Components\HappySecure.dll", "Security Functionality", 2, 4, -1, 4, 0, 0

'************************************************* *****************************
'Installs the Application
'************************************************* *****************************
'Activation (Activation type): 0 - The library, one-server
'AccessChecksLevel (Click the Security tab of the security level): 0 - Perform access checks only at the process level, one-process and component level access checks
'ApplicationAccessChecksEnabled (Click the Security tab of the authorization): 1-check (perform access checks for this application), 0 - eonchekeu (access checks for this application, None)
'Authentication (call level of authentication, the server type is only valid for): 1 - No 2 - connection, 3 - Call 4-packet, a 5-packet integrity, 6 - Packet Privacy
'ImpersonationLevel (the level): 1 - Anonymous, 2 - ID, 3 - the 4-delegate
'Identity: Interactive User - an interactive user, NT AUTHORITYLocalService - Local Service, NT AUTHORITYNetworkService - Network Services, then the user - ID type directly
' Reference: Application Level In all of the attribute
Sub InstallApplication (ApplicationName, ApplicationDescription, Authentication, Identity, Password, ImpersonationLevel)	
	Dim cat, collApps, app
	Set cat = CreateObject("COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog")
	Set collApps = cat.GetCollection("Applications")
	Set app = collApps.Add
	app.Value("Name") = ApplicationName
	app.Value("Description") = ApplicationDescription
	app.Value("Authentication") = 4
	app.Value("Identity") = Identity
	app.Value("Password") = Password
	'Activation-type setting (0 - library, 1-Server)
	app.Value ("Activation") = 1
	app.Value ("AccessChecksLevel") = 0
	app.Value ("ApplicationAccessChecksEnabled") = 0
	app.Value ("ImpersonationLevel") = ImpersonationLevel

End Sub
'************************************************* *****************************
'Uninstalls the Application
'************************************************* *****************************
Sub UninstallApplication (ApplicationName)
	Wscript.Echo "Unregistering the existing application ..."
	Dim cat, collApps, numApps, i
	Set cat = CreateObject ("COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog")
	Set collApps = cat.GetCollection ("Applications")
	numApps = collApps.Count
	For i = numApps - 1 To 0 Step -1
		If collApps.Item (i). Value ("Name") = ApplicationName Then
			collApps.Remove (i)
			WScript.echo "- Application" & ApplicationName & "removed!"
		End If
End Sub

'************************************************* *****************************
'Installs the Component
'************************************************* *****************************
'ApplicationDll: DLL path, people, including
'Transaction: 0 - Disabled, 1 - Not Supported, 2 - Supported, 3 - Required, 4 - Requires New
'TxIsolationLevel (transaction isolation level): 0 - All 1 - read uncommitted, 2-read-committed, and 3 - that you can repeat the reading, a 4-yeonsokdoem
'JIT: -1 - JIT enabled, use, 0 - JIT does not activated
'Synchonization: 0 - Disabled 1 - No 2 - Yes 3 - Required 4 - need saeteuraenjaeksyeon
' See also: component-level attribute that all
Sub InstallComponent (ApplicationName, ApplicationDLL, Description, Transaction, TxIsolationLevel, JIT, SYN, ComponentAccessChecksEnabled, ObjectPoolingEnabled)
	Dim cat, collApps, App, numApps, numComponents, i, j
	Dim components, component
	Set cat = CreateObject("COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog")
	Set collApps = cat.GetCollection("Applications")
	numApps = collApps.Count
	For i = numApps -1 To 0 Step -1
		'Wscript.Echo collApps.Item (i). Value ("Name")
		If collApps.Item (i).Value("Name") = ApplicationName Then
		Wscript.Echo App.Value("ID")
			Set App = collApps.Item(i)
			cat.InstallComponent App.Value("ID"), ApplicationDLL, "", ""			
		End If
End Sub

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P.S. this wasn't the end all to getting the 32bit to work on x64. There was more but this was the best find.

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