SQL install woes, service failed to start, retry???

Scenario: New server in colo, 500 miles away. Network Admin inadvertently installed SQL 2005 developer edition. Hands me the keys.

Upon discovering the sql version, I informed him of the issue and began uninstalling, with dismay.

Last time something like this happened we had to wipe HD and reinstall the OS and then intall correct SQL version. But, this time I found the nugget that escaped me prior.

Towards the tail end of the new install, MSSQL x64 Enterprise, I got a popup saying service failed to start, retry or cancel. Battle then begins. Unfortunately this install was put on back burner till we hours of night, due to productions issue during the day. So it took me 3 night to finally resolve. Picking through the logs I found, (sqlservr!DmpGetClientExport) and googled and found: My savior

I did as advised, overwrite sqlserver.exe and SQLOS.dll, from another sql install, pulled from another server already running,  and clicked retry.

So random, yet that WORKED. What a headache, but thank you Satay, for posting. Orz


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