Trying to make time to get at root performance issues with SQL

Poor DB design coupled with poor queries, dynamic sql even can lead to crippling performance issue.  Things aren't "crippling", for me at the moment,  but theres still a lot that can be done. So where to start?

Well we need something to work with first. So go get some, PerfStatsScripts,  SQLDiag. Then feed it to SQL NEXUS. That should eventually lead to managing your indexes, whether missing, suggested or redundant. Another nugget, comes from K.Tripp Orz, sp_helpIndex. Visibility into what your tables have on them now. Hopefully your get into a grove where things will start to just fall into place. Said query is sucking life out of SQL. Its referencing, Table A and Table B. Review suggestions and view what there now. Make a  decision and review the results. Rinse wash repeat. I don't expect to end up with a clear glass, but hopefully this would have scrapped the scum off the surface and removed all the big particles and hair, eww.


Quick perf toolkit:
~ Kimberly Tripp (so you know its legit)

SQL Nexus Tool + SQLDiag(already included) + SQL Server 2005 Performance Statistics Script

Commercial approach
~Throw me a bone so I may chase something worth chasing


Goober: WHY IS IT DOING A TABLE SCAN? No matter what I do it just keeps doing a table scan? Update Stats? Restart SQL?

Bob: Eh, what index are you expecting to see used?

Goober: ...

Goober: .......

Goober: I hate you!!!

Goober: There was no index. I need to go talk to some people.

Bob: Super. Take care now, bye-bye then.

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