Hyperbac to the rescue, again....syslnklgns

Another great feature of Hyperbac ver.

I specify the version because they were aquired by Reg-gate who, seeminly severed this functionality and has relabeled, enhanced :-|, this former built in feature as SQL virtual restore.

EXEC master..sp_addlinkedserver
@server = 'masterbk',
@srvproduct = '',
@provider = 'HyperBac.oledbmtf',
@datasrc = 'C:\master_20110105_FULL.hbc,1'

SELECT * FROM masterbk..sys.syslnklgns

10srvTreasureLnk02007-12-01 11:00:03.0000x01000000BOBSMAGICKEYOFHAPPYNESS11011001TESTACULARTOOLSTYHYPERBAC000

Now I can re-create the linked server object without needing to know the forgotten magic word.


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