A few wasted hours, sob.....SQL 2k5 x86 sneaker

Fricken Fracken Chicken Chackers!!!

Admin(s) relayed to me server ready for my magic hands. Little did I know they had their hands all up in it. RDP'd in check the partition layout, corrected as needed. Gathered install files. Ready...break...literally. SQL x64 kept failing to install.

"Error 29549. Failed to install and configure assemblies E:\Program Files_64bit\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Tasks\Microsoft.SqlServer.MSMQTask.dll in the COM+ catalog. Error: -2146233087"


This a fresh install WTM??

What a pain, I finally discovered the Admin installed 2k5 32-bit, prior to handing off to me. Now why would I assume someone would have done that?? Grumble grumble...to make matters worse, I went to control panel --> Add remove, to try to start from scratch, by uninstalling all sql components, thinking the install somehow got corrupt. That somehow left me with an orphaned 32-bit install of SQL that I now can't remove with Add/Remove, BOOOOOOOOooooo. Now trying to clean up this mess.
DELETE COM+ Utilities (32 bit)
"The selected item cannot be deleted. This item is currently locked against deleting."



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