Open Source VMFS Driver --AWSOME Orz

Open Source VMFS Driver

ESXI + openfiler(iscsi) + trying to copy/move files = shoddy lamb, various reasons, moreover the copy/move bandwidth limitations cause is esxi(free) vs Paid, IMHO.

Anywhoo, stumbled across an open source project, "Open Source Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) Driver". Necessity to move data, faster than a speeding snail got the best of me.

If you are suffering from weak sauce data tranfers of 1-2MBs or less you got to check this out.

I connected openfiler iscsi share used by ESXi to windows XP via microsoft iscsi initiator. fiddled with command line a bit, and BAM, 1gb/min transfer speeds. DAMN!!!

So this proved to me the hardware and network was sound and its just some mickey mouse limitation being imposed on the free version. This even blew Veeams FastSCP out of the water.


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