SolveigMM Video Splitter

When you just need to trim or split a .WMV file.

Movie Maker was killing me, I just needed to trim last 3 minutes off a 1h 20m file (276mb). Its was going to take 512 minutes to save, MEH!!!

Took me 15minutes of googling and testing various results to find this GEM.


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3 comments to “SolveigMM Video Splitter”
Unknown said...

Wow... great advice, Bob...
funny, I've had you appear a couple times in searches (bat file stuff, richcopy, sql stuff...) I always learn something... even tho you are so deep in, it makes my brain hurt!

I'm sure you wonder sometimes if anyone's out there, lol.. but they are...
Bob D
Canyon Lake.. near riverside

thanks again... i have the time to comment from the time ur vid edit pointer saved for me!

Unknown said...

Bob.. one quick question... do u still use richcopy at all, or do u suggest something else?? I like it, but it's quirky for complex operations..

Bob Mihada said...

I use it a lot. Yes it is a bit quirky. Main thing it to test and fiddle. Just recently I used a combination of RichCopy plus Robocopy (ver xp026+). Short of SPENDING hundreds if not thousands, these have worked out fairly well for me. Though I do have access and have used other enterprise replication tools, I find these just work, not to mention it's typically after the fact I find out I need to copy or replicate. Mind the NTFS permissions though. Two other solutions worth mentioning are HOBOCOPY and CloneZilla.