When should you deploy?Weekday? Weekend? Whenever?

I've struggled with the logic behind all claims.

"We should deploy immediately" ~ cause we over committed

"We should wait till after peak hours" ~ cause it might have issues, less people may be impacted.

"Friday Night" ~cause you have the to weekend to try and resolve any issues that arise.

"Whenever" ~eh, we can take it or leave it...Not important to anyone important.

I've learned the best answer is to adhere to political hierarchy.
1. Who signs your check?
2. Who is most likely to complain to the person who signs your check?
3. If you screw up what will the person who signs your checks think?
4. What are the risk factors?
5. How easy will it be to rollback?
6. Have you even thought about how to handle the rollback?
7. Please tell me you are at least second guessing yourself
8. "You arrogant ass! You've killed us!" ~Andrei Bonovia [Hunt for Red October]

My advise is test, test, test and get buy in from those who may impact the judgement of the person who signs your check. Above all do right by the system.

The person who signs your check, is merely a metaphor for the COMPANY.

You are employed to help ensure the success of the company, period. If thats not your goal, you're in the wrong place.

Rant, rant, rant, blah, blah, blah, just do good. Respect the system, the users, and don't be arrogant.

MURPHY's LAW it tantamount is IT, and life.

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