While trying to use sysprep to create a deployment, something went horribly wrong. I had to reboot and then it kept running on startup, see here for resolve. But after that was resolved I could no longer connect via Remote Desktop(RDP). Drove me nutz!!! everything said it was and should have been running.  After much cursing to the monkey gods for smiting me, I regrouped. Hunting and pecking with a logical thought process lead me to "Terminal Services Configuration". 

Dirty sysprep disabled the RDP-Tcp thingy. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

ReEnabled the bastage like so:

Start --> Administrator Tools --> Terminal Services Configuration
Select Connections
 Right-Click --> All Tasks --> Enable Connection

(note  screen shot says "Disable Connection", cause I already enabled it, duh)

One more step.
Right Click on RDP-TCP --> Properties --> Network Adapter (Tab). Re-select your network adapter from the drop down, apply and pray the monkey's forgave you.

They forgave me under one condition, I share with the world my devine knowlege :P


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