State capitol

Finishing server rack

VW GTI, tons of trunk space


Double barrel cannon

Two blurs in the center are women, just shot out

We got a/c !!!

Ingnore the messy wires, that part still in progress

Kudos: J

Action shot : jolt

I'm not cleaning this

Bare but functional

It's alive

It's electric

We have tone

Network spiders


While trying to use sysprep to create a deployment, something went horribly wrong. I had to reboot and then it kept running on startup, see here for resolve. But after that was resolved I could no longer connect via Remote Desktop(RDP). Drove me nutz!!! everything said it was and should have been running.  After much cursing to the monkey gods for smiting me, I regrouped. Hunting and pecking with a logical thought process lead me to "Terminal Services Configuration". 

Dirty sysprep disabled the RDP-Tcp thingy. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

ReEnabled the bastage like so:

Start --> Administrator Tools --> Terminal Services Configuration
Select Connections
 Right-Click --> All Tasks --> Enable Connection

(note  screen shot says "Disable Connection", cause I already enabled it, duh)

One more step.
Right Click on RDP-TCP --> Properties --> Network Adapter (Tab). Re-select your network adapter from the drop down, apply and pray the monkey's forgave you.

They forgave me under one condition, I share with the world my devine knowlege :P


Dinner of champions

Got Ip phones

Clonezilla go!!!!

BROKEN: Apple Mobile Device EtherNet

What's the deal? Some say they have it working with bluetooth. Others says they got it to work on different computer.

That's nice and all, but I want it to work on my current PC, not your or your friends.

To be continued.....

SQL: SAFELY Shrink all possible log files

--NOTE: I commented out the exec, it will just print until you change it yourself....
--// SAFELY Shink all possible log files
--// Adjust L.LogUsed AND L.LogSize as needed
If Object_Id('tempdb..#tmpLogInfo') is Not Null
Drop table #tmpLogInfo

databaseName sysname
, logSize decimal(18,5)
, logUsed decimal(18,5)
, status INT

exec('dbcc sqlperf(logspace)')

DECLARE @sqlcmd nvarChar(max)
Select @sqlcmd = REPLACE((
'USE [' + convert(nvarchar,L.databaseName) + '];
' + (CASE WHEN recovery_model_desc <> 'SIMPLE' THEN '--// RECOVERY MODEL NOT SET TO SIMPLE: ' + L.databaseName + '
--// DBCC SHRINKFILE ([' + + '], 1);
--// ALTER DATABASE ' + L.databaseName + ' SET RECOVERY ' + recovery_model_desc + '
' ELSE 'DBCC SHRINKFILE ([' + + '], 1);
' END)
#tmpLogInfo L
JOIN sys.databases db ON = L.DatabaseName
JOIN master.sys.sysaltfiles ms ON ms.dbid = DB_ID(L.databaseName)
L.databaseName not in ('master','tempdb','model','msdb')
AND ms.Status = 1048642
AND Right(ms.filename,4) = '.ldf'
--AND L.LogUsed < 5
AND L.LogSize > 2


Drop table #tmpLogInfo

Print @sqlcmd

Has anyone seen my stapler?

Well we needed to swap out a CD drive for a DVD one. Hmm, The new DVD is SATA and the previous CD was IDE, dilemma....

Idea! I have an extra SATA cable we can use...

Great. Hmm....

This power supply doesn't have another connection for SATA power. Only for addition Hard drive daisy chained on to exiting cable. Ghetto fabulous time?

Move existing hard drive above new DVD and daisy chain the power that way. See below for ghetto rig.

Power set...
Stapler? Really?
Yes, really....

Only thing we could find to keep Hard drive wedge in there. There was nothing to attach the HD to, could only rest on top DVD.
And that's how you swap out an IDE cd-rom drive for a DVD-ROM SATA Drive.

And knowing is half the battle.

RESOLVED: Your Computer does not support Long Mode. Use a 32bit Distribution.

Hardware: Dell PowerEdge 2950 , Dual Xeon Quad Core 3 ghz, 8 gb Ram

When creating a virtual machine with 64bit OS you may encounter:

"Your Computer does not support Long Mode. Use a 32bit Distribution."

Here's what resolved it for me...

  1. Reboot system, and enter BIOS (F2)
  2. Enter "CPU Information"
  3. Enable "Virtualization Technology"

  4. Save changes and Reboot, then go back to installing your OS on VM appliance
  5. Have a nice day!

Server setup [whatever works]

Got the new drives and ram. :P

Interim Lab setup (hey it works)

Back to virtualizing windows servers and CentOS and PBX In A Flash and OpenFire and and more other stuff.

Lots going on...

Its Mad house....

Configuring new servers. Hardware, ram, drives and caddies in the mail.
Raid 1 on Boot, raid 5 on Data, for now till new drive arrive, then raid10.

ESXI 4 installed. Test driving multiple appliances/software, OpenFire, CentOS, PBX in aFlash, Virtualizing physical windows servers, TrixBox, Nagious, possibly another OpenFiler and then....

And then theres still the typical production/staff/operation support. A few automations are failing, multiple report requests, managing dev projects and then....

Well it beats a normal dry boring dull, I hate my job, 9-5.

My glass is half full :P

Silly LifeHacker article related to positive thinking(sort of..) go read -->

Good find on Raid 10 vs Raid 5

A good find I thought I'd share,

Always great when they have hard facts and logic.

Raid 10 it is.

Timmy Timmy

Statue of burgerty

Fountain @ spectrum

Final stop

Yes this was in the back of the that trooper, in previous post.

Whatever works

Happy 4th