Today felt great.

Woke up showered, felt so awake and refreshed.
Came across some good stuff today, thought I should share.

GoogleMaps Api for .net @
Anyone who stores any type of address data should check this out. This can easily start off as a "bells and whistle" add-on, but watch-out. Beware it will quickly become a feature you can't do with out.

Very eye opening for thoses DBA buried in the trenches. Atleast I know I manage BIG DATA LOL. How do I know it's big? See Pg.4 of his presentation, 100's of gigs and up. WOOT!!!

Weather you use it or not, Deklarit has some good stuff in thier. Gotta check out there demo. Probably 60-80% of developers will be like, "OMG, I suck compared to this." But really check this concept out.

And then

Get that head thinker going. So much great stuff out there. These too, are great to wrap your head around:
Prize winner in Competition "Code Generation 2008 Competition"
But don't just read, download and do proof of concept. Get thier demo and get it working locally. Challenge yourself. I am :)

Back to the grind,TTFN

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