Setting up OpenFiler

Found a bunch of limitations with FreeNas. Limitation could be attributed to me not getting it, but not likely.  Need an iscsi drive setup on a 4TB array. MSWIN 2003 not seeing whole drive, only reports 560GB. Weird, cause I swear the first time it connected it showed the full disk. But because I had to ensure this was a replicatable process, the second time I went through the motions only 560gb appeared. And after the 5th try, basically rebuilt the array, reinstalled FreeNas, everything I could do to get it back to virgin state, still 560gb appears. I can write and everything to the 560gb but its 560gb compared to 4TB.  Also the 4TB can't be sliced and diced with FreeNas, at least not that I found or read.

Here we go.

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