Hellow Crontab

Need to create a cron job in centoOS5? Here's my quick and dirty.

Applications --> Acessories --> Terminal

You should see terminal window titles, "username@machinename"

crontab -e
This being your first time, you should just see a bunch of "~" all the way down you screen.

This creates a new entry. Now enter your job info. Format is as follows:

minute hour day month dayofweek command
*           *       *      *           *                  yourPathToFile          

1 * * * * wget -O /dev/null www.WOOT.com/helloCrontab.php

plain english: call helloCrontab.php every minute

ref: System_Administration_Gude.pdf pg.275

After you've type out your command, hit esc, then type ZZ to save. If you don;t want to save then type :q!

To view your new job or see what jobs you have scheduled type:
crontab -l


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