Conficker sucks, but then again.....

Arrgh, isn't there enough to worry about?

Why not reverse engineer this worm for the greater good? We know it can get in without all that IT effort and make calls out on what to do. Sounds like a good thing from an admin point of view ( just trying to focus on a positive).

Hey machines on my network, eat this, good worm.

OK Class(machines) listen up. Do this , this and this, and check back with me later for further instructions...

This, this and this could easily be:

  • ntbackup to a nas
  • defrag HD
  • dump your daily logs into a central repository
  • run a health check and let me know if you are OK
  • check disk space
  • run an archive script
  • Download and install new software
  • Sync files
  • Compact outlook pst's or check if they about to crap past the 2gb mark
  • ...end less possibilities
Common people. Geez, other companies are charging for this kind of service, yet we have this worm given to us for free. Lets capitalize on it for our own administrative purposes.

But alas, we must get rid of it....

Stop Conficker from spreading by using Group Policy

Another reference:
(GPMC) Read it, Get it

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