More on Cellphone positioning

Seem to be picking up steam...

That what I got so far, read so much that I can't keep my eyes open any longer.

Feel so behind in the game, but this ain't my bag baby. Probably already in the works or still out on the web waiting for me to stumble across but...

Develop an app/dll that just spits out your approximate position based on cellphone triangulation, like google already does. Others can publish apps for install on your phone that takes advantage of this common dll. Tired, this may not be making a whole lot of sense, but the back of my head thinks its somewhat viable.

Think this would really level the playing field and allow for so many different people to throw out as many ideas as they can with this. Allowing the public drive what they ultimately like or would like to see more of.

Beuler? This can't possible make sense, gnite.

Send wife location of what bar I'm at, so she can pick me up.
Kids send their position to parents for pickup when at friends house or soccer game moved to different field.
I was here and here a pic i just took.
Post your position to a site that will plot your wandering.
Basically, tell, find or track.

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