GOOGLE always amazing me

About a year ago I put google maps on my T-Mobile Dash, it was a cool novelty at first. Quickly became a pain when trying to find or do anything while in route or at a stop light. It soon lost its appeal and got booted from my phone.

Today, through a series of ...
Where canI find the xml schema for my phone's home screen XML?
Searching Google.
Many sites found, nothing with true definition though.
One site had banner for software ( that would display turn by turn info on phone with bluetooth gps module connected. Dim light bulb started flickering in head.

Wasn't google working on triangulating your position based on you relative position to cell towers your phone could talk to? hmm.....

YES!!! F'n SWEET. I know, I know, where the heck have I been? Very very busy.

So now I got it on my phone, AGAIN and oh man this rocks. AND then i find out about the click-to-call feature, DAMN!

Just keeps getting better.

Now I'm waiting for someone (google), to allow me to post/send/sms/whatever my current to others. Something in me thinks the guys at should look into this.

Even though it's not as accurate as GPS, with the satellite view I can move the point to my exact location, and then if I could send, MAN that would be sweet.

Privacy, privacy, privacy... I know, but really, who do I need to hide from?

"Karma is like a boomerang, never sharpen it."

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